About us

GrandPrixSportHorses.Com ( GPSH ) was started as a hobby in Hengelo GLD, Holland during the summer of 2015

A few of us ...

Angelo Grigoropoulos - Athens | Paris | Prague | Hengelo GLD

Angelo Grigoropoulos Photography @

 FashionReporter.TV  &  Style Reporter

Private email : angelo@parisart.net

Dagmar Vyhlasova - Prague, Czechia

Private email : dagmar@fashionreporter.tv 

Jemen GPSH

Doesn't use email. Try calling

Our newest yearling fillies (2017) : From left to right
Milithia GPSH, Manuk GPSH, Mujallin GPSH, Marit Anne P GPSH

Our trainer Geert Jan Uenk

( Riding Jillz Catrasse Texel - 2014 - Negro X Jazz )

Private email : geert1982@msn.com

Visitors are always welcome by appointment.

Come to admire some magnificent horses, 
taste our blueberries, and smell our intoxicating oriental lilies.

Feel free to bring your dog ... and your mother in law if you must.

We are open from July till October. 
If you are not good at math this is 4 months of the year. 
The rest we are in Greece and/or traveling.

Email us : info at sporthorsepartners.com

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